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April 04 2024

Touch Grass Challenge

Touch Grass Challenge

In celebration of the world’s first L2 data rollup, we’re excited to announce the Touch Grass Challenge! Players can win exclusive Grass merchandise for creating the most interesting, bold, and fun ways to run a Grass node.

We’ll be running the challenge for 4 weeks starting, from April 4th until May 2nd. We’ll be choosing 4 winners based on four distinct examples:

  • Best Location: most unique place to run a Grass node.
  • Funniest Meme: funniest and most entertaining meme related to Grass.
  • Most creative way to shill your referral link: sharing your referral link in creative and unique places or ways.
  • Best artistic tribute to Grass: expressing your love for Grass as the data layer of AI, whether it be through a song or an awesome edited video etc.

Examples of submissions for each category:


All selected winners for each category will receive exclusive Grass merchandise and other items in the future.

The winners will be determined by the Grass team.

How to participate?

To participate in the Touch Grass challenge, please follow these steps:

  1. Tweet a photo or video of your submission, include the hashtag #TouchGrassChallenge, and tag @getgrass_io.
  2. Submit your tweet to our Discord channel #touchgrass.

Touch Grass notes

  • For best location content, the dashboard should not showcase a 0% network score.
  • Entries for memes can be either an image or a contrived setup, requiring only a visual submission, such as a photo or video.
  • We will not review submissions after the deadline May 2nd.
  • As a gentle reminder, please be mindful when sharing your IP address.

Have fun and most importantly, touch some grass!

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