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January 04 2024

Improvements to the Grass Points System

Improvements to the Grass Points System

Main Points:

  1. Grass will be introducing a tiered points system that pays out extra depending on your number of referrals
  2. There will also be a new system of bonuses that you can get from new referrals reaching 100 hours of uptime
  3. An epoch system is being put in place to prepare for payouts when the network goes live
  4. The dashboard will now feature Rewards and Referrals tabs to help you track your success on the network

Hello, Grass Community.

We’re writing because things are good.  Actually, things are very good.  One day in late December of 2023, you guys got the word out and told your friends about Grass, and 44,000 new people came online.  44,000 new nodes on the Grass network in one day.  We knew from the beginning that this project would succeed, but the response so far has surpassed our most bullish projections.  It’s exhilarating to have so many people share our vision of building the Data Layer of AI, so for one thing, thank you.  For another, get ready.

A few months ago, we gave you a progress update to outline the roadmap - the steps we’d need to take before the network goes live.  Android launches, iPhone launches, and then, when the network hits a key number of active nodes, Grass launches.  These are the things to look out for over the next few months, and today we’re doing something that will propel us forward into what may be the final push towards launch.

We’re changing our referral system a bit, and we expect two things to happen.

  1. You’re going to get a lot of bonus points
  2. It’s going to make us launch sooner

If you have any objections to these changes, feel free to let us know on Twitter or by joining our private discord.  For everyone else, here’s what you can expect:

Changes to the Points System

Starting today, we’ll be launching a tiered system for earnings.  Based on the number of referrals or points you’ve earned, you’ll fall into a certain tier and earn bonus points depending on what level you’ve attained.  The base rate of earnings will remain the same, but the more people you’ve referred (or the more uptime you’ve had), the faster your points will stack up.

Here’s a list of the ranks and the requirements for reaching each tier - either refer a certain number of people or reach a certain amount of points yourself from generating enough uptime, and you’ll get bumped up to the next level.

Tiers Ranks:

  • Titan Rank Cutoff:
    • 49,616,939.00 Points or 221 invites.
    • Reward 250k
  • Vanguard Rank Cutoff:
    • 7,394,899.99 Points or 185 invites.
    • Reward 100k
  • Conqueror Rank Cutoff:
    • 2,767,564.12 Points or 154 invites.
    • Reward 50k
  • Diamond Rank Cutoff:
    • 375,443.13 Points or 136 invites.
    • Reward 19k
  • Emerald Rank Cutoff:
    • 118,247.20 Points or 86 invites.
    • Reward 6k
  • Platinum Rank Cutoff:
    • 36,351.14 Points or 34 invites.
    • Reward 1.8k
  • Gold Rank Cutoff:
    • 11,351.30 Points or 17 invites.
    • Reward 565
  • Silver Rank Cutoff:
    • 2,595.00 Points or 11 invites.
    • Reward 130
  • Bronze Rank Cutoff:
    • 373.00 Points or 6 invites.
    • Reward 20
  • Iron Rank Cutoff:
    • 0.00 Points or 0 invites

Every time you jump ranks, you’ll also get a bonus.  That’s our way of saying thanks and encouraging everyone to keep getting the word out.  Check out the Emerald rank below, for example: If you refer 86 people, you get an instant boost of 6,000 points.  Not bad! 

Referral Bonuses

These aren’t the only bonuses available, either.  We’ve made a few changes to the bonuses you get for your referrals themselves:

  • Referrer Bonus: Anytime you refer a friend, you’ll get 2,500 points when they reach 100 hours of uptime.  This is an incentive to get your friends to sign up, but also to make sure they’re actually on the network after downloading. 
  • Referral Bonus: Along the same lines, all of your new referrals will get a 5000 point bonus when they hit 100 hours of uptime.  So tell them this when they sign up to encourage them to keep the app running!
  • Uptime Commission: Finally, you’ll be earning a commission when your referrals use the network, just like before.  However, now this commission will be based on their total uptime as opposed to their total rewards.  This is just a minor tweak to make the math work with the new changes, but we did want to let you know about it.

Epoch System

Also, we’re implementing an epoch system for displaying points on the dashboard.  In the future, rewards will be distributed each month and your points will be zeroed out in the system.  We’re going to start visualizing that on the dashboard now so the infrastructure is in place when the time comes.  

On your dashboard, you’ll see the number of points you’ve earned this month.  Of course, since the network hasn't launched yet, you’ll still hold onto the points you’ve earned in months past until it goes live.  Actually, that brings us to the final update:

Dashboard Changes

We’ll be introducing two new sections on the dashboard that you can use to monitor your progress.  

  1. Rewards Tab

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out our rewards system.  We’ll be testing this system coming up, so keep an eye on it.

  1. Referrals Tab

There will also be a new referrals tab on the dashboard that you can use to track your progress referring friends.  This will be the best place to keep an eye on which tier you’ve reached, and the rate you’re earning at as a result. 

Policy Against Abusive Activity

This update introduces a lot of opportunities to earn referral points, so we encourage you to get out there and spread the word.  But with that said, we want to remind the community that the network is programmed to detect instances of abusive activity, like running multiple Grass accounts on the same device or network.  If you’re flagged for manipulating the system in this way, your account will be flagged and all of your earnings will be reset to zero.  This is something that we really don’t want to happen to you, so please use the network as intended and you shouldn’t have any problems.  

With that said, if you signed up your mom on the same IP address, there's no need to worry about being flagged for rule violations or abuse. Instead, your earnings will be distributed among all devices connected to this IP that are signed up with Grass. In this case, that would be two devices.  Flagging occurs when you actively try to trick the network to manipulate your rewards.


As you might be able to tell from some of these changes, the network has made a lot of progress recently and we’re working to put new systems in place for a few reasons.  One, to prepare for when the network goes live, and two, to incentivize referrals so we can get there as soon as possible.  The most important thing to remember is that if you’re reading this, you got in very early in the network’s lifetime, and you’ve earned a lot of points already.  You’ll be starting off higher up the tier ladder than most, and this will result in heightened earnings and heightened rewards.  This is our way of saying thank you to the people who supported us at this stage in the game, and we’re glad you’ll be with us on the day this all goes live.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for touching grass! 

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