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October 18 2023

Grass: Progress Update and Road Ahead

Grass: Progress Update and Road Ahead

Key Points:

  1. The Grass network has seen 80,000 individual downloads and nearly 1,000,000 unique residential IPs through our referral program alone
  2. The network will go live once we pass key thresholds in certain metrics, defined below
  3. The launch of our Android and iPhone mobile apps stand to significantly increase the size of the network and the uptime for users

Over the past few months, we’ve focused on educating people about the vision we have for Grass.  Explaining how the network works, identifying its use cases, and making sure we’re transparent about what we’re planning.  Now it’s time to shift into phase two: we’re working on carrying this thing to launch, and today we’ll update you on what’s next.

As you know, Grass is currently building out its network for scraping AI data from the web by recruiting users like you to act as individual nodes.  The sooner we reach a threshold of active nodes, the sooner we launch.  By signing up, downloading, and referring your friends, you’re playing a very active part in this process.  Thanks, by the way.

So where do things stand now?

Well, progress has been pretty incredible since our first announcement four months ago.  The network itself has seen almost 1,000,000 unique IP addresses since early June.  The entire point of all this is to assemble a network of individual nodes from which AI data can be scraped from the web, so seeing numbers like these at this stage is pretty massive.  

To date, 80,000 people have downloaded the web extension and all of them were referrals from the ref links you’ve been sharing on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.  This is really extraordinary for a word of mouth campaign, and we are more confident than ever that Grass will exceed every expectation we have.

So this is all great news, but now is the time to focus on the future.  We have some very concrete milestones we’re working towards, and a handful of key metrics that will tell us when the time has come.  Over the next few months, you’ll be able to watch the progress with your own eyes and feel the network get closer and closer to the fateful day we go live.  

Here’s what to look out for:

Development Milestones

  • New UI: The first order of business is to roll out our new UI, which will make the dashboard more intuitive and appeal more to a mass audience.  You can expect this sometime in the next few weeks.
  • Open Access to Grass: Currently, Grass is only available through the ref links you post.  Soon we’ll be opening up access to anyone and everyone, and we expect to see a substantial increase in downloads once this barrier is lifted.
  • Launch Android App: Grass is currently only available as a downloadable web extension, but soon we’ll be releasing an app that you can install on your phone.  This has the potential to be a watershed moment for a few reasons.  First, most people’s phones are on all the time, so the amount of active nodes will balloon when we start getting users with 24/7 uptime.  Second, the overwhelming majority of time people spend on the internet occurs on mobile devices, so when they see an ad or ref link, they’ll be able to download and install the app within mere seconds.  This means more users, more downloads, and more active nodes on the network.
  • Launch IOS app: This has the potential to be a huge milestone for all of the same reasons, but on an even larger scale.  62% of the mobile phones in America are iPhones, which means we’ll experience the Android effect at almost twice the intensity.  This might just be the event that pushes us over the line - but only time will tell.

Key Network Metrics

As we progress through these development milestones, we’ll also be keeping our eye on the underlying growth of the network itself.  This is what really matters when it comes to how soon we can launch, and we have a handful of metrics for measuring how far we are in the process.  If you familiarize yourself with them, it will be easier to follow along on the road ahead.

  • Downloads: This refers to the number of individual users who have downloaded the web extension. 
  • Referrals:  As you can probably guess, this is the number of people who have been referred by other members.  To us, it’s a measure of how much footwork the people themselves are putting in to spread the word, and how much faith the community has in Grass’s vision.
  • Unique IPs: This refers to the number of IP addresses that have been active on the network.  This metric is a bit more complex, as it also accounts for individual users who have provided bandwidth from multiple locations.  If you’ve checked your dashboard from a friend’s house or coffee shop, you’ve probably seen additional addresses show up at the bottom left.  This shows increased breadth in the network, but the number of active users is most important of all.
  • Concurrent active nodes:  Concurrent active nodes refers to the number of users who are active at any given time.  Essentially, when the Grass network is actively scraping AI data, this refers to the number of different nodes they could route their web traffic through.
  • Concurrent active nodes (US):  The holy grail.  US IP addresses have the highest demand in the world, and they can access data that other people simply can't.  We’re building a global network for accessing AI data, but it’s particularly important to get Americans signed up.

Over the next few months, we’ll be providing updates not only when we attain the milestones listed above, but also when we reach key numbers on all of these metrics.  

Hopefully this update gave you an idea of where Grass stands today, how far we’ve come, and a concrete sense of the path to going live.  We’ll continue to update you on all of the events we described above, so keep a close eye on our Twitter, Discord, and Blog for more news.  And remember - the more people you refer, the more earnings you can stack up, and the faster we can all get to launch.  So go out and touch Grass!

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